02/12/17 Essex Gsd Club Champ Show Paris 1st Open Bitch judge Carol Skyes.

04/11/17 Working Pastoral Breeds of Scotland paris 1st Open Bitch judge Hugh de Zutter

15/10/17 Sheffield Open Show Paris 1st Open Bitch, Best Bitch and Res Best in Show. Judge Helen Pegg

01/10/17 Midland Regional Paris 1st Working Female. Judge Franz Kampenhuber SV

27/08/17 Sunni wins Best Standard Coat Puppy at the Lincolnshire Gsd Rally.

06/08/17 North West Regional was the first show after maternal duties for Paris and first real show for Sunni. Thrilled with them both, Sunni VV1 baby puppy dog. Judge Paul Bradely Paris V1 working female Judge SV Ralf Wille.

23/07/17 Sunni Best Standard Coat Puppy at the Ged Walker Memorial Rally.

01/07/17 Sunni at 12 1/2 weeks wins Best in Show at a local fun show.

06/04/17 Paris is Wusv-Gsdl- Brg Top Winning Normal Coat Female 2016. I am SO proud of her xxx

04/04/17 Paris has given birth to 3 boys and 2 girls. Sire SG13 BSZS 15 Conbhairean Karlos

03/03/17 Paris has been scanned and confirmed in whelp. Puppies due 6th April.

02/02/17 Paris has been mated to the super young dog SG13 2015 BSZS Conbhairean Karlos. Puppies expected early April.

26/01 17 Quattro gets his breed survey Class 1 minus (due to size only)

11/12/16 Paris V1 working female at The Christmas Cracker Regional. Judge Nikki Farley

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